About Maldives

  A splattered archipelago, Maldives is a trail of tropical islands linked together by flourishing underwater coral reefs draped like a necklace across the Indian ocean. 26 beautiful ring shaped atolls is made up of more than a 1000 coral islands abundant with pearly white beaches, sunsets wrapped in a veil of coconut palms and night skies splattered with star dust.

  The myriad of coconut palms, fishing and has given the Maldivian’s a thriving livelihood for hundreds of years. Later introduced, tourism is now also one of these supporting pillars for the Maldives economy with over 200 resorts and an equal number of inhabited islands, the rest of this two thousand isles is left uninhabited.

  The untouched waters consist of a natural wonder all unto to itself when you take a dive and witness the copious variety of underwater life. The country plays a big role in marine conservation which is why it’s not hard to miss seaturtles and other beautiful rare creatures on a normal morning snorkel around the house reef of an island. If you’re lucky, go dolphin 

cruising as the sun sets or organise your own trip to swim with the majestic whale sharks or manta rays in a biosphere reserve in a nearby atoll.
luxury resort experience which consists of around the clock catering for your every need and expensive buffets are only half the story. To experience a truer feel for the unfamiliar island life on a local island where 300 thousand people make their homes.
With welcoming friendly smiles of the local community, of which some of them also speak a little English, the rich culture and the tasty Maldivian food, which mainly consists of food made from coconuts and fish, will leave your adventurous soul and your tummy feeling happy.

  The sense of community is so strong on some of these islands that most of the islanders have open doors for visitors with swing sets called, “undhoali” to rest and take a break after a hefty meal. The islands area also decorated with frequent rest stops by the beaches called a “joali”, a weaved chair, where most people gather around for a relaxed hangout.

thoddoo island road

The unhurried life here on the islands call for long walks and no need for heavy motorized vehicles, so you can see most people enjoying a bike ride or a walk as their daily commute. Maldives converted to Islam in the 12th century as a result being a hundred percent Muslim country, the multitude of mosques on the islands have their rich histories.

There is a little something for every travel junkie and adventure seeker here in the Maldives. Every second spent is a dream and a photo worthy moment for a true holiday of a lifetime.